Crosstown Youth Group

The Crosstown Student Movement is a ministry that works with teens from the sixth grade to seniors in high school.

The Crosstown Student Movement teaches teenagers that the gospel of Jesus is a movement, and there is nothing more valuable on earth than taking the gospel forward with excitement, energy, and creativity. Our Student Movement encourages teenagers to take a stand for Jesus Christ. The end goal is to help parents equip their teenagers to be biblically sound disciples of Jesus, who in turn will go on to become vital members of the church, in the college years and beyond.

Parents, we need your help. We invite parents to be a part of teaching classes, leading devotionals, going on mission trips, serving on retreats, and chaperoning various events. We believe that the Bible plainly teaches that families are the primary source of biblical training and spiritual development. We desire that the Student Movement enhances what our parents are doing at home, but not entirely replace it. We want you to come and be a part of this movement. Let us work together in bringing this generation up in the love and desire of Jesus Christ.

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