W.I.L.D. Women’s Bible Study

Walking In Light Daily (W.I.L.D.)

We are currently studying Living Stones by Cassandra Martin. For more info, see Mary Parker.

God often uses simple pictures and everyday objects to teach us the deep truths of His kingdom. Embedded in 1 Peter is a snapshot that has the power to turn our souls upside-down. Stones become a frame for helping us understand and embrace the deep, satisfying, empowering faith God longs for us to have. Rocks rising from the pages of the Bible teach us how to walk with God, answer His call, live in His grace, surrender to His purpose, and experience the soaring joy, profound peace, and overwhelming abundance God has always meant for our hearts. Living Stone faith lives in the fullness of Jesus.

Too many times, however, we settle for an imitation. Our world sells us Pet Rock faith as a convenient, less-messy version of what it means to walk with God. God always leaves the choice to you – Pet Rock faith or Living Stone faith? Pick up a rock, open your Bible, and discover what God wants to build in you.