What can I expect as a guest at Crosstown?

When you are a guest at Crosstown, we want you to feel comfortable. Here is a snap shot of what you can expect when you honor us with a visit.

The Setting Our door greeters will help you with any needs you might have. In our auditorium, feel free to sit anywhere.

The Music One of the unique things about Crosstown is that the music is ‘a cappella’ that is, we sing without the use of musical instruments. We love the beauty and joy of worshiping God from our hearts with our voices. We believe you will find the singing meaningful and uplifting, with everyone being invited to participate.

Prayers and Sermon When you honor us with a visit you will hear spoken prayers and a lesson from God’s Word. We believe in the power of prayer and God’s Word, so these aspects will take up a considerable amount of our worship time. The lesson is normally 25-30 minutes long. We hope you find it refreshingly Bible-centered and applicable to your life.

Communion Communion will also be included in our worship time. During this time, trays of unleavened bread (symbolizing the body of Jesus) and grape juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus) will be passed throughout the auditorium. You do not have to participate in this celebration of what Jesus did for us on the cross. You are welcome to just pass the trays to the next person.

Financial Offering Trays will also be passed to collect a weekly financial offering. As our guest, you are not expected to make a donation.

Connection Books Every Sunday morning service during the offering, we pass around our Connection Books. The Connection Books are first passed from the left side of the pew to the right side of the pew. For all visitors, we ask that you fill out the blue sheet (titled “Guest”) when the book comes to you. If you fill out this contact information sheet, we will be able to follow up with you and thank you for your visit. For all members, we ask that you fill out the white sheet (titled “Members”). This helps track attendance, but it also gives members an opportunity to update contact information if it has changed. Everyone, both visitors and members, should leave their sheet attached to the pad. You will also notice that there are prayer cards located inside the Connection Book. There are two sides of the prayer card; the first side is titled “Prayer Requests,” and the other is titled “Answered Prayer.” If you wish to request a prayer or share how God has answered your prayer, you may fill this card out and turn it in to a minister or elder, or you can place it in the Prayer Request Box located at the Welcome Desk in the foyer. Once you are finished with the Connection Books, please pass them back to the left end of the pew, so that they can be picked up. 

Invitation At the close of the lesson, the minister will extend an invitation. He will encourage those who wish to respond to come to the front of the auditorium while the congregation sings. At this time, if you need help spiritually in any way, please come forward.