Earl Logan

Earl Logan and his wife, Teresa, have been members of the Crosstown family since 2009. They were married in 1981. They have two adopted children, Samuel (born in 1985), and Jenni (born in 1986). They have two granddaughters, Katharine (born in 2011), and Elizabeth (born in 2012). Earl works downtown Tulsa as a Petroleum Engineer for Cimarex Energy Co. Teresa is retired, now a homemaker, active raising two granddaughters, and one of the leaders in the Celebrate Recovery ministry. Earl and Teresa have a passion for evangelism that began in 1979 when they worked in the bus ministry at the Memorial Drive Church of Christ, picking up kids and families in northwest Tulsa. Although Earl and Teresa both grew up in the Tulsa Area, they lived outside Tulsa after they were married to follow Earl’s oil and gas career. However, they moved back to the Tulsa Area in 2008 to help with aging parents. Earl has served as a Deacon in several congregations. He served as the Deacon of Missions for several years at Crosstown prior to being an Elder in 2016.