Roddy Roberts

My wife Joanie and I have been members of the Crosstown Church of Christ since 1994. I’m blessed to have served some years as a deacon, then since 2002 as an elder. Married since 1979 to Joanie, God blessed us with three children who have clothed themselves in Christ and live intentional lives following Him. Daughters Miranda, Hannah and son Boone plus 7 grandchildren are all miracles from God to us.

Joanie is a wonderful home maker, retired from 25 years of home child care and pre-school teaching. She now teaches Bible classes and serves with the other ladies at Crosstown.

I met and married Joanie at Oklahoma Christian, but then spent the next 8 years getting a Veterinary Degree from Oklahoma State University. Moving to Tulsa and working in, then building several practices, I’ve finally settled down with a great partner at the River Trail Animal Hospitals. I never wake up and resent going to work. I am blessed with the trust of those who let me care for their companions.

I absolutely love driving across this great land with family on vacation to see the wonders and hand of God evident in Creation. I enjoy making an occasional  piece of furniture or cabinets in my wood shop. I am hopelessly addicted to ice cream. I expect I’ll live all my days changing the home made peach and vanilla recipes a little each time trying to make them just a little bit better!

More than all this, I’m sorry daily for my sin but grateful and filled with eternal joy through the Grace of God for the sacrifice of Christ that makes me holy and yields eternal hope. I’m so thankful some dear people cared enough to stop and share Christ with me – to rescue me from darkness. I’m blessed to have been molded – just as clay in a potter’s hands – by our God through my Christian brothers and sisters at Crosstown. I have lived enough years to begin to see the cascade of blessings that rain down on a man, a marriage, a family and a Church. They flow directly from living the life God dreams and plans for us. God makes us good.