"Ephesians 4" Tagged Sermons

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 8)

In this sermon, we’ll begin looking at “Church Organization & Leadership in the Shape of the New Testament.” This is another difference between churches of Christ and most other church groups. That difference is how the church is organized and governed. And we believe this is an important part of God’s plan for His church.

Relationship Repair: Mending the Messes

We all make mistakes in relationships. We all mess up. We all make mistakes in our friendships, we mess up before marriage, during marriage, in parenting, in church relationships, with our neighbors, on the job. Good, solid relationships are not ones where we’ve never sinned against one another. That’s impossible. Good relationships come from how…

Pulling Together

Pulling together, that’s the key. It is the essence of teamwork. This principle also so fittingly applies to the Christian community, the church, for we who are many form one body in Christ. This sermon looks at how God intends for us to pull together for His glory and to experience growth in the body of Christ.

Spiritual Resolutions for a New Year

It’s here. Another New Year. A fresh start. A new year of challenges, joys, triumphs, defeats, and experiences. You may have a list of New Year’s resolutions, or you may be content to just roll into the New Year as another growing and learning experience. Regardless, the New Year is a good time to stop,…

Armed for Battle (Part 2)

Our call to follow Jesus is not a call to a life of ease, but to a battleground with an angry, powerful, and implacable foe. The enemy is strong, but He who is with us is stronger. “Armed for Battle” is a sermon series that focuses specifically on Ephesians 6:10-17. This is the quintessential passage on the armor of God and the weapons we have available for spiritual warfare. “Armed for Battle” will strengthen your understanding concerning spiritual warfare and how to apply these principles to our everyday lives.