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Can Anyone Conquer Death?

This sermon is the conclusion of Robert’s sermon series looking at some of the miracles in Mathew chapters 8-9. Robert’s sermon looks at two interwoven stories in Matthew 9:18-26 of Jesus healing a woman with bleeding and the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue. We will see how Jesus dealt with people, and we’ll focus on […]

Amazing Faith

In this sermon, Robert continues his series of lessons looking at some of the miracles in the Gospel of Matthew. These miracles set forth proofs that Jesus is the Son of God through His Divine power. This lesson is titled “Amazing Faith,” from the account in Matthew 8:5-13 where a Roman centurion surrenders to the authority of Jesus […]

The Healing Powers of Jesus

The miracles of healing of Jesus gave proof that He was the Son of God, the promised Messiah. But His miracles of healing also taught great spiritual lessons. Similar to parables, these miracles were earthy examples that pictured an even greater spiritual work of healing- the healing of the soul! This sermon looks at the healing of […]