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Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 13)

This is the final sermon in the “Churches in the Shape of Scripture” series. In the last lesson we left off stating that we believe God has called men to lead in the worship assembly to serve as a visual expression of His will for male spiritual leadership in the church. This lesson focuses on Paul’s […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 12)

This sermon is a continuation of our special sermon series titled “Churches in the Shape of Scripture.” Is our practice of male leadership in our assemblies an out-of-date, sexist, chauvinistic mindset? Does the New Testament really teach what we practice? In this lesson we’ll look at the bigger picture of what the Bible says about men […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 10)

This sermon titled “Musical Praise in the Assembly” looks at what is probably the most obvious difference between us and many of our Bible believing friends. We’re talking about why we in churches of Christ in our worship assemblies practice vocal only praise. We’ll begin by walking through the Bible to see how we and […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 8)

In this sermon, we’ll begin looking at “Church Organization & Leadership in the Shape of the New Testament.” This is another difference between churches of Christ and most other church groups. That difference is how the church is organized and governed. And we believe this is an important part of God’s plan for His church.

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 3)

This is the third sermon in the series titled, “Churches in the Shape of Scripture.” We’re talking about who we are in churches of Christ. We’ve introduced the series talking about how we are a people concerned about restoring the beliefs and practices of the New Testament church. This sermon will be on “Salvation in the […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 2)

Last week we began a new sermon series titled, “Churches in the Shape of Scripture.” We introduced the principle that churches of Christ are all about restoration. We looked at this notion from the Old Testament. In this second sermon in the series, we’ll take this idea of restoration over to the New Testament and […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 1)

We in churches of Christ are a very unique group of people. Our beliefs and practices seem very strange to some. This sermon is the beginning of a new sermon series entitled, “Churches in the Shape of Scripture.” It is our hope that these lessons will help us have a renewed conviction that being a […]

The Pillar and Support of the Truth

Have you stopped to consider the incredible calling of the church? 1 Timothy 3:15-16 is a great passage that helps us understand the high and holy calling that God has for His church. The church has a pivotal role in holding up the truth so that the world can see it. The church is God’s […]


Connections are an important and vital part of life. Staying connected is just as an important part of being part of the church, the body of Christ. This sermon looks at how we can develop better connections in the life of our church family.

The Church as a Family

One of the most important parts of the church is its family-like aspect. Family is possibly the most attractive description of the church. (cf. 1 Timothy 3:15) Being a part of the family of God is a great blessing. We all realize how important a family is. This sermon looks at what it means for […]