Sermons from June 2015

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 13)

This is the final sermon in the “Churches in the Shape of Scripture” series. In the last lesson we left off stating that we believe God has called men to lead in the worship assembly to serve as a visual expression of His will for male spiritual leadership in the church. This lesson focuses on Paul’s […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 12)

This sermon is a continuation of our special sermon series titled “Churches in the Shape of Scripture.” Is our practice of male leadership in our assemblies an out-of-date, sexist, chauvinistic mindset? Does the New Testament really teach what we practice? In this lesson we’ll look at the bigger picture of what the Bible says about men […]

Churches in the Shape of Scripture (Part 11)

This is the second part of last week’s sermon called “Musical Praise in the Assembly”, which looks at what is probably the most obvious difference between us and many of our Bible believing friends. We’re talking about why we in churches of Christ in our worship assemblies practice vocal only praise. We’ll begin by walking through the […]